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We started our careers with a large broker/dealer, but our persistent search to serve our clients better lead us down the path to independence. Timeless investing principles, conflict-free advice, the fiduciary standard and uncompromising dedication to our clients’ long term success is the beating heart of Resolute Wealth Management.

Rory Hartmann, CFP®

Co-Founder & Wealth Management Advisor


I have always been fascinated with the stock market and investing. I bought my first stock at age 14, made 30 percent profit in two years and was hooked. In addition to this affinity for investing, I knew I wanted a career that allowed...

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Sean Cawley, CFP®

Co-Founder & Wealth Management Advisor


I realized the power of financial planning at a very young age. More specifically, the day my parents told me I would be able to attend college and graduate without the burden of student loans. Fortunately, my parents sat down with a...

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Rick Wedell

Chief Investment Officer


Rick Wedell joined RFG Advisory as Partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in 2016. As CIO and leader of RFG's Investment Team, Rick manages multi-asset portfolios and provides strategic insights on asset allocation and portfolio...

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Natalie Sasser

Administrative Assistant



Natalie has spent nearly 34 years in the financial services industry. She provides excellent client service and handles administrative and operational functions for our team. Previously, she worked as a Client Associate for Bank of...
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You know implicitly that your doctor has extensive training – years of medical school and residency. Your attorney completed three grueling years of law school and passed the bar exam. This minimum expected level of knowledge and expertise is (unfortunately) not assured regarding your financial advisor, as the industry has shockingly low barriers to entry – you will find individuals who have a license only to sell life insurance operating with the title of financial advisor. The CFP® designation requires advisors pass numerous exams covering a wide array of financial planning topics and attain a minimum of three years of experience working with real people on their financial plans. You wouldn’t allow a doctor who failed medical school to operate on you or hire an attorney who didn’t pass the bar. We believe you should have at minimum the same standard for the financial advisors you trust to steward your hard-earned wealth. We prefer you have much higher standards, and we strive to surpass even those.

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